The Hour of Need: Proper Load Board Support and the Shipments

One of the main conditions for successful business is cooperation with a reliable transport company. But how to find a company among which you can be trusted among numerous offers for cargo transportation? Of course, when choosing, the best way is to take advantage of the advice of friends, but not all have such an opportunity. In such cases, one has to rely only on one’s own experience and intuition. But if you find such a company, be sure that you have made a big step towards successful business.

There are several fundamental criteria that distinguish a serious transport company from scammers or one-day firms:

  1. Conclusion of the contract for services. Do not underestimate the role of the contract as a document that ensures compliance with all obligations between the customer and the contractor. Considering the fact that, most often, transport companies work on a prepayment, this document is needed, first of all, to the client. The contract should clearly define areas of responsibility, in the event of damage, partial or complete loss of your cargo. The free load board option is important for the proper cargo.
  2. Cargo insurance at the request of the client. If the cargo is of great value, it will be better if the transport company offers you to insure it. So you will protect yourself from losses in cases of force majeure. A transport company that can be trusted with a cargo, certainly has a contract with an insurance company.
  3. The experience of the carrier in the service sector speaks volumes. A fairly large experience means that the firm, thanks to its competitive advantages, was able to “survive” in the transportation services market. As a rule, you can entrust your cargo to a company that has worked for at least 1 year.
  4. Presence of warehouses, a vehicle fleet in the property of the carrier is a big advantage, both from the point of view of additional service, and in questions of decrease in the cost price of rendered services.

When choosing a carrier, the following indicators characterizing the level of service quality are assessed:

The price level

As a rule, price is one of the first, you can say the main criteria for choosing a carrier. But this is not always correct. In general, the price does not say much, especially as practice shows, cheap and qualitatively – these are two incompatible concepts. If you look at this issue from the other side, then an acceptable level of prices can mean high professionalism in organizing work and minimizing costs. Also, we will not write off, the fact that not a small number of firms, voicing a low price, then “get” the actual amount due to “not included” in the cost of additional services. So, to evaluate the carrier at a price is more reasonable in combination with other indicators.

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